Tone Madison is an independent website, podcast, email newsletter, and event series covering music and culture in Madison.

Our focus is on journalism that treats culture in Madison as the complex subject it is—not as fodder for promotional fluff. We champion things we love, but we also ask annoying questions and throw the occasional brick.

In August 2018, Tone Madison formed a partnership with the Madison-based arts nonprofit Communication. We operate as an autonomous entity under Communication’s umbrella. Communication acts as a fiscal receiver for Tone Madison, and our two organizations share office space and collaborate on some programming. Communication’s board and staff are not involved in Tone Madison’s editorial decision-making.

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Other disclosures and ethics policy: Many of our contributors are in bands or otherwise participate in the communities we cover. Tone Madison also puts on events involving local venues and performers. We do our best to be transparent and fair about any potential conflicts of interest. We expect all of our contributors to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Editor/Publisher: Scott Gordon

Associate Publisher: Chris Lay

Technical Director: Mark Riechers

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Contributors past and present: Ian Adcock, Dylan Brogan, Ashlie Crooks, Sasha Debevec-McKenney, Liz DiNovella, Rachal Duggan, Emili Earhart, Marc Eisen, Russell Emerson Hall, Edwanike Harbour, Holly Henschen, Jess Horn, Katie Hutchinson, Maija Inveiss, Kristian Knutsen, James Kreul, Reid Kurkerewicz, Rob Lundberg, Bianca Martin, Frankie Mastrangelo, John McCracken, Emily Mills, Erica Motz, Ben Munson, Mike Noto, Caleb Oakley, Michael Penn II, Grant Phipps, Chali Pittman, Katie Richards, Catie Rutledge, Phoebe Schlough, Daniel Seeger, Joel Shanahan, Henry Solotaroff-Webber, Abe Sorber, Steven Spoerl, Zack Stafford, Alan Talaga, Francisco Velazquez, Claire Warhus, Andrew Winistorfer, Sarah Witman, David Wolinsky, Evan Woodward

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