A Tone Madison audio extra: The great Szechuan sauce fiasco

Chris Lay reads his October 2017 story about an ill-fated McDonald's promotion.


We wanted to share a fun new feature that we're experimenting with on the Tone Madison podcast feed. For the next few weeks we'll be adding in some audio versions of recently published articles. It's something we've dabbled with in the past—but we're looking to make this a regular part of the site now, instead of an occasional thing. We think it's going to be a fun new way to experience the stories we're publishing, and hope you enjoy it.

To kick things off, Chris Lay is reading an article he wrote last October about the stink raised by Rick & Morty fans over McDonald's shorting them on some Szechuan sauce. The fast food chain has recently announced that it's re-upping supplies of the in-demand (and apparently not great) nugget dip as of this week, so we thought it a good time to revisit the chain's first, ill-fated attempt to bring back the novelty condiment.

After a few weeks of more current articles being added to the feed, we're going to transition the feature to being a bonus for anyone who supports the site at the $3 a month level, so please consider joining up and helping fund our work and we'll reward you with some fresh local content for your earbuds.