Cool Building Day greetings to you, Madison!

Today we celebrate two years since Dave Mustaine didn't know what the Capitol was.

  Wisconsin State Capitol photo via  Richard Hurd on Flickr  (CC-BY)/Dave Mustaine photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Wisconsin State Capitol photo via Richard Hurd on Flickr (CC-BY)/Dave Mustaine photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Much as the Puritan settlers washed up on a new continent unsure of how to sustain themselves amid the rocky soil and an unforgiving clime, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth pulled into Madison two years ago this day and was unsure of what this "cool building" was:


So every November 24, we mark Cool Building Day. Last year I suggested various festivities and activities, including

  • Firing off mocking "cool building" Tweets of our own
  • Watching Mustaine pout about being kicked out of Metallica in the documentary/extended man-child shitshow Some Kind Of Monster
  • A "prettiest blond locks of any middle-aged rocker" beauty contest
  • Issuing Mustaine an annual Capitol tour invitation

Though we've yet to make an official city holiday of this yet, we can add one more component to the tradition: enjoying ol' misunderstood Dave ineffectually tapping at his phone for a good eight seconds as he tries to conclude a Periscope dispatch about firing his guitar tech. Speaking of this video, have you ever heard the word "dewclaw" used as an insult? (Duclaw? What? Help me out here.) Something to discuss over a bottle of Mustaine Vineyards Blood of Heroes Syrah, no doubt. Because after all, this is a fun college town.