Discussing changes in Madison's movie market, for WORT-FM

Film writer Rob Thomas joins us to discuss a potential Sundance Cinemas sale, recliners, and more.

 A screenshot from a Marcus Theatres  promotional video  touting its Dream Lounger recliners.

A screenshot from a Marcus Theatres promotional video touting its Dream Lounger recliners.

With one of Madison's big movie-theater players, Marcus Theatres, pelting us with amenities and another, Sundance Cinemas, potentially going up for sale, I asked Capital Times movie writer Rob Thomas (who also does a ton of additional reviewing at MadisonMovie.org) to share his perspective on the changing Madison moviegoing landscape. Rob joined me at WORT-FM studios this week to talk about why these changes might be good for Madison filmgoers, how campus film programs are increasingly filling a void, and whether Madison needs a centrally located first-run movie theater. Thanks to Dylan Brogan at WORT for producing this segment. A shorter version ran this week on WORT's In Our Backyard news show.