Let us all come together as one, for it is Cool Building Day

No really what is that dome-shaped thing, it’s super rad! —Dave Mustaine

It’s been a long and bruising year, so it’s been harder than normal to keep up with whatever dumb things Dave Mustaine has been doing and saying. However, on this Thanksgiving Day, may we all try to recapture the innocence of that moment, three years ago, when the Megadeth leader looked out his hotel window in Madison and pondered some sort of really striking dome-shaped edifice. You know, the kind where officials and folks with business before the state might gather.

Look, it's the first time Cool Building Day has also fallen on Thanksgiving, so festivities may understandably be muted this year. Gird yourself for difficult reconciliations with loved ones and perhaps raise a glass to that time ol' Dave got really mad at Men's Wearhouse.