Podcast: From writing skills to post-apocalyptic skills with WisCon

Madison’s feminist sci-fi convention turns 41 this year.

Since 1977, Madison has hosted an annual spring event called WisCon, a convention that aims to highlight the role of women and other marginalized groups in science fiction. It proudly calls itself the world’s first feminist science-fiction convention.

The 41st annual WisCon takes place May 26–29 at the Madison Concourse Hotel. Ahead of the event, I talked with two of its organizers, Nicasio Reed and Marianne Kirby. We discussed how the convention’s format differs from that of other sci-fi events, how it has struggled to become more inclusive over the years, and its connection to the James Tiptree Jr. Award. Give our conversation a listen below or subscribe to the Tone Madison podcast on iTunes.