Podcast: Notes on a few recent Madison releases

Lush rock from Tyler Ditter, instrumental hip-hop from DLO, and other local releases catching our ear of late.

  Tyler Ditter. Photo by Colin Wilde.

Tyler Ditter. Photo by Colin Wilde.

This week's podcast is a short one but will point you to a few compelling new releases from Madison-based artists. We've focused here on EPs, one-off single-ish releases, and albums that flew under our radar for one reason or another, but they range from trap music to sublimely stripped-down folk. They are:

King Retro's Retrospective EP. King Retro recently spoke with Tone Madison contributor Henry Solotaroff-Webber about his vision for trap music.

Double Ewes' "Dead Furrow," the title track from their forthcoming album.

Tyler Ditter's Knocked Out EP.

Claire Nelson-Lifson's Why Am I Like This EP.

Erik Kramer's A House, Floating In The Middle Of A Lake.

DLO's Sounds Good To Me.

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