Podcast: Ra’Shaun, Samantha Glass, and other Madison things we’re listening to

A quick catch-up on a few noteworthy releases Madison musicians have put out so far in 2017.

On this week’s podcast, we take a brief look at a few recent releases that have made 2017 another interesting year for Madison music so far. The selections range from hip-hop to ambient music to scuzzy punk.

Here’s where to find releases mentioned in this episode:

Brian Daly, Luminous

Ra’Shaun, “No Questions”

Corridoré, Demo

Golpe Tierra, Golpe Con Golpe

Clean Room, Bad Bad Dream

Samantha Glass, Introducing The Confession

I also want to shout out a couple singles that I didn’t squeeze into this podcast: Rapper/singer Bello and producer knowsthetime’s “Rewind,” and rapper Heru and producer Bhairav’s “Goku.”

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