Podcast: Sidney Johnson on their Midas Bison project

The Madison electro-pop artist talks with us ahead of their November 17 show at the High Noon.


The electronic pop of Midas Bison admittedly comes on pretty strong, in its combination of hyper-extroverted production and uncomfortably revelatory lyrics, but it also holds up. I was starting to develop a taste for this disarming oddball's music late last year, just as the singer and producer behind the project, Sidney Johnson, moved away from their native Madison. Johnson is back now after spending much of 2015 in El Paso, Texas and releasing a new album, Trios.

Ahead of Midas Bison's show on Tuesday, November 17 at the High Noon Saloon, Johnson joined me for a conversation at WORT-FM studios. We caught up about their time in the Southwest, the tricky persona and emotions of Midas Bison, and Johnson's fascination with themed EPs. Johnson also has an instrumental dance music side project, a sci-fi/fantasy-inspired ukulele project (yep), and some collaborations in the works for the near future. Give our talk a listen below.

Segment produced by Dylan Brogan. Keep up with the Tone Madison/WORT podcast on iTunes or SoundCloudand hear a short version of it every Thursday on WORT's evening news show