“The Golden Treatment” video gets honey all over everything

Madison R&B artist Mr. Jackson's new video features various objects being drizzled with honey, and that's it.

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Hyper-literal interpretation is rarely this sumptuous.

The new clip for Madison R&B artist Mr. Jackson’s “The Golden Treatment,” a languid slow jam from his upcoming album, 'The Golden Hour Groove Session,' consists wholly of varying objects being drizzled with honey. And it’s hard to look away.

Mr. Jackson (Madison native Ethan Jackson) got his high-school friend Michael Doyle Olson to put visuals to the track.

“For whatever reason, the sexual, hypnotic nature of the song in conjunction with the title immediately evoked a conveyor belt of symbolic objects being inundated with honey,” Olson told us via email, adding that clean-up was not fun.

Mr. Jackson's most recent release is 2013's 'Short & Sweet' EP.