The Tone Cluster: A changing downtown Madison

Hear our first live podcast, recorded Tuesday, October 20 at the High Noon Saloon.

  Our panel, dwarfed by an image of Andre Darlington indulging in  bone luge . Photo by Daniella Echeverria.

Our panel, dwarfed by an image of Andre Darlington indulging in bone luge. Photo by Daniella Echeverria.

This past Tuesday, we recorded the first installment of our new live podcast, The Tone Cluster, at the High Noon Saloon. We'll be back at the High Noon on Tuesday, December 1 for the next one, and will continue it as a roughly monthly series in 2016. But first, listen to this first edition, an extended discussion of the many economic, social, and cultural changes at work in downtown Madison.

Joining me for this episode were Mike Martez Johnson, elections co-chair of Progressive Dane and contributor to Madison365Lindsay Christians, who covers the arts, food, and drink for The Capital Times; André Darlington, who also covers food and drink for his Farmers Market Report podcast and for numerous outlets including Isthmus; and Tone Madison contributor Chris Lay. We touched on everything from corporate welfare to Madison's apartment-building boom to Hopcat's questionably named "crack fries." It's a deep, challenging, and occasionally weird and funny conversation.

Thanks a ton to the live audience who joined us for this. You can also subscribe to The Tone Cluster and our weekly Tone Madison/WORT-FM podcast series on iTunes.