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Carbon Bangle, Spirits Having Fun, Lina Tullgren

  • Art In 1444 East Washington Avenue Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

Madison band Carbon Bangle distills the most thrilling elements of post-hardcore. Info


Many of what could've been the best post-hardcore bands in the early-to-mid-aughts were compromised by a battle between vocalists to see who could whine in the highest, most childlike register. Thankfully, on 2017's Pariahprism EP, Madison's Carbon Bangle only embraces post-hardcore's most enjoyable traits—gritty and dissonant guitar riffs, batshit rhythmic syncopation, and an overall sense of hair-raising urgency. In fact, it's actually vocalist Brandon Washington's twisted vocals and spacey electronics that tie everything together and add a sense of psychedelic wonder to the mix instead of holding everything back.

"Vesica Pisces" cuts the ribbon by hurling out a loving tornado of frantic drum work, jagged earworm guitar lines, and slithering electronics, as Washington's vocals waver between confrontationally upfront and distantly washed out in a swirl of effects. Another EP highlight is "Zodiacal Light," which waltzes drunkenly into space-rock territory with its gorgeous guitar melodies and nuanced rhythms. —Joel Shanahan