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Chrome, Sinking Suns

  • Frequency 121 West Main Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

The far-flung post-punk band's return is unlikely, but also totally makes sense. Info/tix


The wildly experimental and often unclassifiable San Francisco post-punk group Chrome was founded in 1975, but the group as most know it came to be when guitarist Helios Creed joined in 1976 and immediately became drummer/singer/keyboardist Damon Edge's artistic equal in the band. Chrome then began developing a blisteringly strange sound: heavily informed by the psychedelic rock and early proto-metal of the mid-to-late '60's and early '70's, but so thoroughly warped and collaged together that the abrasive, processed results often sounded more like an actual aural representation of a heavy acid trip than anything as conventionally approachable as rock songs. 1977's Alien Soundtracks and 1979's Half Machine Lip Moves both gained notice through the British music press, and Chrome started gathering a passionate cult audience.

The group recorded constantly and almost never played live, but the steady releases of brilliantly damaged music through their own independent label helped build their mystique. The Creed/Edge partnership dissolved in 1983, and while Edge took the Chrome name at the time, it soon became clear that Creed took the sound. His solo career was full of the twisted, effects-soaked guitar heroics, toxically futuristic electronics and crunching riffs that made Chrome so beloved, and eventually Creed sporadically toured and recorded under the Chrome name after Edge died of heart failure in 1995. Last year brought a new album from Creed under the Chrome name with the characteristic title Techromancy, and it sounds… well, it sounds exactly like what you'd expect a Chrome or Helios Creed album to sound like now: slightly more straight-ahead than the classic-era stuff, but still way too bizarre to be anyone else. The fact that they're appearing seemingly under the radar at The Frequency fits right in line with everything else about them. —Mike Noto

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