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CANCELED: Colin Quinn

  • Majestic 115 King Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

Editor's note: This show was canceled after this event preview was posted.

Colin Quinn, a comedian likely best known for his time on Saturday Night Live in the late '90s, has accomplished just as much on his journeyman path before and since then. Gruff, boisterous, and tough to pin down, the Brooklyn comic has written for In Living Color, co-hosted Remote Control, authored a few books, and become a vocal supporter and practitioner of transcendental meditation. Resume recitations aside, it's perhaps his 2015 special The New York Story and his 2002 show Tough Crowd that give the best sense both of where his sensibilities tend to lie and what his stand-up shows are like. In NYS, Quinn waxes nostalgic for a New York City that, in some ways, the internet made obsolete: Through a clothesline of ironic stereotypes and clipped delivery, he conjures up a time where people used to talk to strangers to, say, get directions or had a sense of humor about themselves when being teased. TC, similarly, was a knockabout variation on Politically Incorrect where comedians gathered to give each other shit and, sometimes, talk about politics. While some might be tempted to write off Quinn's style as dated, it's well worth listening to, because he talks about a world we all once shared much more intimately—and zeroes in on the bullshit about how we're misremembering, how we're idealizing, and how we're lying to ourselves about how far we think we've come.  —David Wolinsky