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Dash Hounds, Gentle Brontosaurus, Cats On Leashes

  • Crystal Corner Bar 1302 Williamson Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

Madison indie-pop outfit Gentle Brontosaurus celebrate the release of their second album, and we're streaming one of the tracks early. Info

Gentle Brontosaurus. Photo by Anneliese Valdes.

Gentle Brontosaurus. Photo by Anneliese Valdes.

Madison band Gentle Brontosaurus are an indie-pop five-piece in the lineage of eccentric, soft-spoken acts from They Might be Giants to Camera Obscura. Their name suggests a kind of restraint, as the gentleness of the band coexists with the considerable musical talents that they put to careful use on their sweet, twee sound. GB's instrumentation is complete with a ukulele, the occasional horn arrangement, and a laid-back rhythm section, giving the bulk of the band's songs a chill, summery feel. Lead vocalist Huan-Hua Chye sings with the ringing tone reminiscent of Dolores O'Riordan, sometimes trading off vocal duties with Nick Davies, who very seriously sounds like Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian.

This show will celebrate the release of Bees Of The Invisible, the band’s second full-length album, with fellow Madisonians Dash Hounds and Cats On Leashes rounding out a clever animal-themed bill. Gentle Brontosaurus' new album draws its name from a Rainer Marie Rilke quip that likens the artistic process to bees collecting honey. “I love that idea of the transformation of the material world through art, the distillation of the sacred from the profane, the inescapable interconnection between the physical and the spiritual,” Chye says. “In practical terms, I guess this means writing fun little romps about moldy showers and athlete's foot.”

The production on the band's previous album, 2015's Names Of Things And What They Do, could make Gentle Brontosaurus songs sound like they just might politely disappear. But Bees is much more sonically robust, as illustrated on the song "Wicker Park," which you can stream below. Chye’s vocals ring out clear as the blue sky over rollicking guitars that establish a friendly warmth from the first note. The song, which was originally a response to a songwriting challenge prompt, tells the fictional story of a messy apartment in Chicago. "I don't care if my house is clean," Chye sings, as she describes a scene that sounds comfy despite the empty pizza boxes lying around, before a trumpet leads us out the backdoor of the song. —Reid Kurkerewicz