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Dash Hounds, Sleeping Jesus, Addison Christmas

  • Communication 2645 Milwaukee Street Madison, WI, 53704 United States (map)

One of Madison's finest young rock bands shares some new material. Info

Photo by Heidi E. Johnson.

Photo by Heidi E. Johnson.

Madison's Dash Hounds displayed a gift for slowly winding guitar lines on its 2016 debut EP Eft, and Alivia Kleinfeldt's lead vocals, often dipping into a mournful baritone, made it easy to sink into the band's luxuriously gloomy pop. Kleinfeldt and Brendan Manley's guitars delicately interlock on "Clover," nudging the song toward a final refrain of "I need you on my side," a line that evokes both desperation and resolve. On "Yes I Front," the band introduces a little extra tension into the mix, but without breaking its delicate spell. Somehow, there's always another little twist, be it a vocal hook or switched-up guitar part, to draw the listener in a little deeper.

Manley and Kleinfeldt form the core duo of Dash Hounds, and the band has been through a few different four- and five-piece lineups, but the live sets always strike a nice balance between atmosphere and brisk energy. They've been writing new material for a planned EP, likely due out next spring. Manley says the new stuff is "still definitely us, but relying a little less on dream pop and shoegazeyness to explore other tastes and instrumentation." Given the solid, entrancing songcraft Dash Hounds have brought to the table so far, I'd say it's worth getting to this show and getting an early listen to their next chapter. —Scott Gordon

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