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Dulcé Sloan (through Dec. 15, multiple showtimes)

  • Comedy Club on State 202 State Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

The brutally honest Daily Show correspondent plays a run of stand-up shows. Info/tix

Photo by Gabriel Michael.

Photo by Gabriel Michael.

Dulcé Sloan has spent a little over a year as a correspondent on The Daily Show, and her visits to Trevor Noah's desk have employed brutal zingers to direct viewers' attention to the bigger picture. In a segment about facial-recognition technology that doesn't pick up black people's faces, for instance, Sloan worked in a few good one-liners about racist robots, but then deftly steered toward the problem's roots in Silicon Valley's lack of diversity: "The first time robots see a black person, they malfunction like an Amish dude in Times Square." Sloan's stand-up gets into a bit of the same territory, sometimes alongside and sometimes in tandem with unvarnished bits about her personal life. In a bit about white people putting their hands in black women's hair, Sloan gets into the specific mechanics of how white women touch her hair: "She takes her whole hand, goes straight to the scalp, shake it back and forth, and then exits your afro with this jellyfish action..."—you know, a bunch of very small choices wrapped up in one big, stupid choice. It's layered, sharp-witted comedy that's been sculpted into something very relatable and very direct. —Scott Gordon