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Elysia Crampton, Louise Bock

  • Gates of Heaven 302 East Gorham Street Madison, WI, 53706 United States (map)
Photo by Juri Hiensch.

Photo by Juri Hiensch.

Virginia-based producer Elysia Crampton moves experimental electronic music forward through starkly contrasting textures of silvery ambience and tumultuous beat-based passages. Often quoting rhythms and styles of Latin American folk and popular musics, Crampton situates these entrenched traditions within her own innovative production style. She seems to come up with a new interpretation of these influences on each track—one heavily weighted by heritage, technological mutation, and personal bearing. Crampton openly dedicates her music to various historical figures and personal heros, tying her music to her Aymara-Bolivian ancestry. On her 2016 release Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City (which includes collaborations with Rabit, Chino Amobi, Lexxi, and Why Be), Crampton acknowledges indigenous Aymara martyr Bartolina Sisa, in her track “After Woman.” Similarly, she dedicates her latest project, this year's Spots Y Escupitajo, to an Aymara gender non-conforming god, as well as her departed grandparents. Sonically, Crampton's music is all over the map. A clamorous cumbia track might follow an airy remix of R&B, and an ethereal piano line might be coupled with thundering sound effects over a beat grounded in Andean rhythms. Multi-instrumentalist Taralie Peterson (of Spires That In The Sunset Rise) opens the night with otherworldly, enchanting sound exploration under her solo moniker Louise Bock. —Emili Earhart

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