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Four Star Video Heaven Benefit: Riki-Oh + Lady Terminator

  • Robinia Courtyard 829 East Washington Avenue Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

Robinia Courtyard hosts a screening of two ultra-violent trash-cinema classics to help fundraise for Four Star’s upcoming move. Info


Four Star Video Heaven's massive film library contains some real treasures for fans of trash cinema, and the long-running store will be screening two of their more infamous cult selections at Robinia Courtyard, to help raise funds for an upcoming move. Filled to the brim with non-stop excessive gore, outlandish characters, ludicrous dubbing, and every prison-movie trope known to humankind,  Ngai Choi Lam's 1991 film Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky has achieved legendary status as a high water mark of bad taste. Based on a Japanese manga series, Ricki-Oh is set in the future of 2001, where all prisons have been privatized. The mysteriously powerful Riki/Ricky infiltrates a cartoonishly corrupt prison to avenge the death of his girlfriend, and the gratuitous violence commences. The film never slows down as Ricky (literally) punches his way through prison gangs, guards, and finally the monstrous warden.  

The second feature Four Star has selected for this benefit event is H. Tjut Djalil's 1989 feature Lady Terminator, a low-budget Indonesian rip-off that makes up for its total lack of coherence with the incredible tagline “First She Mates… Then She Terminates!” Plundering indiscriminately from a certain film by James Cameron, Lady Terminator is a hot mess of explosions, car chases, big guns, and unconvincing mullets. Anthropologist Tania (Barbara Anne Constable, in her sole acting credit) goes for a swim in the ocean and returns to shore possessed by the evil South Sea Queen. She’s quickly off on a murderous rampage, armed with an AK-47 and a penis-devouring serpent. A deliriously incomprehensible fusion of Indonesian black-magic horror and 1980s American shoot-‘em-up, Lady Terminator has enjoyed a rediscovery in the last few years as a campy "bad" movie classic.

While you can certainly rent Ricki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky and Lady Terminator from Four Star Video any time, there’s nothing quite like the social experience of watching trash cinema in a large group with alcohol readily available. Those who can't attend can still head to Four Star’s relocation IndieGoGo campaign, which still has quite a way to go. —Ian Adcock

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