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Greg Proops (multiple showtimes)

You could hardly be blamed if your only point of reference for comedian Greg Proops was his 1990's stint in the short-form improv TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? In that show, Proops was always a standout in stark contrast to mainstays like the equally talented but goofy Ryan Stiles and seemingly squeaky-clean Wayne Brady—the San Francisco's comic zig to the rest of that ensemble's zag was his sneering wit and tendency to let satire bleed into his make-'em'-ups. These attributes have served Proops well and are in quick-draw full-force in his podcast, stand-up shows, and hybrid live Los Angeles-podcast and film club. Just as Stephen Colbert's background in political comedy helped his Late Show unexpectedly—finally—overtake his competitors, Proops' weekly podcast, winkingly titled The Smartest Man In The World, has proven itself over the last few years to be essential listening. Proops' background in improv also proves incredibly valuable on the podcast, enabling him to eschew a discernible format and dive headlong into dissecting whatever's happening in the news and whatever's happening in his head. Proops was primed to take a suggestion and weave something wonderful—don't try to find old Whose Line clips on YouTube to get caught up, give his podcast a spin. Live, Proops comes dressed to the hilt and channels a mix of Steve Martin at his most pompous and cerebral, with a tendency to make more cutting points. He visits here for a run of stand-up shows and a podcast recording. —David Wolinsky