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Hanging Hearts, Tony Barba

Chicago/Milwaukee trio Hanging Hearts use the improvisational spirit, and some of the instrumentation, of jazz as a starting point for brash and frequently exuberant music. Saxophonist Chris Weller, keyboard player Cole DeGenova, and drummer Devin Drobka somehow sound comfortable moving between surging, rock-inspired melodies one moment and fragmented free jazz the next. This show will celebrate the release of their second album, Into A Myth, which finds the band cohering around the guttural and gruff tendencies of their instruments on tracks like "Return Of Saturn" and "Jungle Juice," but also making space for more contemplative moments and channeling brisk, rock- and funk-inspired rhythms on "Pilsen" and "June Bug." Despite its heady, mystical themes—referred to in song titles like "Creation" and "Big Bang Anunnini"—Into A Myth more often than not feels like a record that came straight from the gut. —Scott Gordon

Earlier Event: June 11
Later Event: June 13