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Jacy Reese (free)

  • Central Library 201 West Mifflin Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

The author and scholar shares his new book, "The End Of Animal Farming." Info

Photo courtesy of the Sentience Institute.

Photo courtesy of the Sentience Institute.

Following the recent Beacon Press release of his social ecology book, The End Of Animal Farming (2018), author Jacy Reese will stop in Madison to speak on the titular topic and global business, which he sees as unsustainable. Reese psychologically examines the moral crisis of our current food system, which confines 99% of farmed animals in a factory setting and annually receives $38 billion in government subsidies (in the US alone), but the book actually focuses on optimism and innovation. Building upon his March 2018 TEDx Talk at the University of Mississippi, Reese forgoes the personal face-to-face finger-wagging and instead offers solutions that scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists can pursue on an institutional scales.

Complementing what many news articles, academic essays, and documentaries like Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) have shown us this decade, The End Of Animal Farming examines the intensive industry strain on natural resources. For every 10 plant calories fed to a land animal, only one calorie of meat is produced in return (or, comparably, in terms of protein, 10 to 2 grams). From this, Reese explicates significant developments in food science as associated with vegan companies like Beyond Meat, Hungry Planet, and Impossible Foods, who have successfully recreated the precise taste and texture of a beef patty with pea, soy, and/or wheat proteins. Additionally, Reese turns his eye to the more controversial "clean meat," derived from actual animal cells in a cultivator, as a palatable alternative for those who wish to continue enjoying the same comfort foods without the ethical quandaries involved with traditionally raising animals for slaughter.

As Research Director at the NYC-based Sentience Institute, Reese's professional background has aided his effective altruism in presenting various sociological perspectives. And he reinforces his arguments with inclusive, evidence-based language that directly addresses the biggest problems we're facing as a species in order to more peacefully coexist with others. —Grant Phipps

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