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Miyha, According To What, CNL

  • Crystal Corner Bar 1302 Williamson Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

Miyha celebrates the release of its first full-length album. Info


On Madison band Miyha's first EP, 2017's Happy Birthday, Nick, guitarist and vocalist Alejandra Perez sang bluntly of romantic euphoria, sadness, conflict, and downright abuse, treating it all as part of one big messy continuum. The full-length album Miyha will celebrate at this show, World's Biggest Crush, gives the band yet more room to wrestle with those vivid highs and lows. Perez's vocal melodies and guitarist Mike Pellino's versatile leads ground the music in plenty of bright, accessible hooks, sure, but the lyrics create a space where tenderness and generosity bleed right into life at its most petty and cruel: "When I wake, and winter rears its ugly head / oh I feel frozen inside and it's best to / keep your mouth shut or else he'll / toss you out with the trash / and when I think on back all I can see is Mayweather fighting on a screen / and him," Perez sings on "Mayweather."

I was a big fan of the EP, but its production sounds a little tinny compared to the warm and well-defined guitar sounds that tangle together on World's Biggest Crush opening track "Good Enough" and the slow-burning "Lake Tahoe." Drummer Erik Fredine and bassist Kyle Kohl come through with satisfying punch, enhancing the wildly shifting emotional range that's written right into this band. Four of the 10 songs on Crush were also on the EP—"Sommer Summer," "92/69/39," "Viroqua," and the wrenching closer of both releases, "Raspberry Kombucha." They're all better off for the new treatment they get here. And the new tracks, at their best, bring a richer palette of images into Miyha's songwriting and find the band taking more time and space to build up and layer its sounds. "Palm Trees" has an especially thoughtful flow of small dynamic tweaks, from slow, reflective pauses to the achey overdriven guitar leads. Miyha shares the bill here with playfully scathing power-pop outfit According To What and with CNL, the solo moniker of Proud Parents singer-guitarist Claire Nelson-Lifson. —Scott Gordon