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Post Social, Lameena, Laundry

  • Crystal Corner Bar 1302 Williamson Street Madison, Wisconsin (map)

Madison's Post Social celebrates the release of two heady new songs. Info


Madison band Post Social plays here to celebrate the release of the short single "No Guidelines" and its sprawling B-side, "Desert Eagle." Both songs stem from efficient live sessions, lending a quick-and-dirty quality to a release tackling the pitfalls of public life. Driven by overblown yelling about how rules of conduct contradict each other, "No Guidelines" dives in with a couple of pop-punk riffs that carry the song for an exhilarating minute. In a curious juxtaposition, the B-side has more going on. With a noodling T. Rex-inspired guitar lead that disintegrates into a repetitive breakdown, "Desert Eagle" is a four-minute post-punk anthem on American violence. Named for the semi-automatic handgun featured in pop-culture propaganda like Call Of Duty, the song reads as a take on a gun culture that pitches itself as the last line of defense against an imagined, inherently violent world. (Google the phrase "last line of defense" to see how accurately this cliche describes the self-consciousness of the gun-obsessed.) Ironically, it is this culture that leaves some peaceful citizens mortally anxious in crowds. Post Social captures this phenomenon in the line "Father knows his rights / That's why he's aiming down his sights / on you." In other words, the militarized patriarchy justifies itself with the very threat of violence it claims to protect its members from. The political themes in these songs aren't preachy, as there's enough energy in the guitars to synthesize the political messages into two mosh-pit inducing jams. That said, I'll personally be heckling the band to play the low-key "Sand Wand," from its 2018 album, Major Congrats. Madison outfits Lameena and Laundry open. —Reid Kurkerewicz

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