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Scott Yoder, Solid Freex

  • Communication 2645 Milwaukee Street Madison, WI, 53704 United States (map)

Madison punk trio Solid Freex promises an extended set here, complete with new material. Info


Madison father-and-sons punk band Solid Freex will get a bit more time than usual to stretch out at this show, and in the past couple of years they've amassed enough material to make for a set that covers a lot of stylistic territory. Drummer Steve Coombs (best known for his long-running project Trin Tran) and two of his sons, guitarist Josh Coombs-Broekema and bassist Evan Coombs-Broekema, have released two albums since forming the band in 2016, and have continued to write new material at an impressive pace. "The newer Solid Freex songs are about clock watchers, Canada, phones, cadaver dogs, and a spare scribe," the elder Coombs says, and the band has been rolling them out with a run of mostly out-of-town shows this summer.

What those new songs will actually sound like is pretty up in the air, given where the band has gone so far. On 2018's Peeled Guest and this year's Plastic Mystery, the trio pieced together shards of boisterous shout-along punk ("Teenage Evil," "Fite!") with dissonance and fractured rhythms that leaned toward noise-rock ("Rabbit Die From," "Why Not"), and on top of that the occasional detour into the more melodic territory of psychedelic pop ("You're Here," "End Of The Summer"). It's all over the place, but the band's playing seems to thrive on twists and turns. Evan Coombs-Broekema's bass parts inject a springy tension into the songs, and Josh Coombs-Broekema's guitar veers constantly between nimble, mangled figures and noisy outbursts. Coombs, so used to having to do a little of everything at once in Trin Tran (which has mostly been a one-man band), seems to relish the opportunity to focus his own cleverly clacked grasp of rhythm on just drums. All three members pitch in on vocals, trading playful shouts and bellows and at times joining up in three-part harmonies. Solid Freex share the bill here with Seattle-based glam-rocker Scott Yoder, who will also be playing a longer set. —Scott Gordon

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