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Sloppy Jane, Disq, Post Social

  • Art In 1444 East Washington Avenue Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

New York band Sloppy Jane creates a squalid spectacle. Info


Listening to the L.A.-formed, currently New York-based band Sloppy Jane is like watching someone craft a portrait of squalor and mental disturbance in garish shades of highlighter, streaked makeup, hair, maybe a couple detached doll parts from a thrift store. Amid this spectacle, leader Haley Dahl and her 10-piece-plus band create a genuine sense of unease. "Mindy," from the 2018 concept album Willow, mixes skeletal post-punk with teetering nursery-rhyme melodies in a cracked group vocal arrangement. Dahl can be a menacing vocal section of her own, switching between sugary melody, gruff punk-rock shouts and demonic cackles on many of the band's songs. "La Cluster" uses slide whistle, violin, and fluttering clean-toned guitars to evoke a carefree sunny day where something is nonetheless bound to go wrong, and "King Mitis" veers into claustrophobic sludge. As a live band, Sloppy Jane has a reputation for being just as over-the-top as the music suggests, and then some. Madison psych-pop outfit Disq and the multi-faceted Post Social open this show. —Scott Gordon