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Too Late To Die Young

  • Madison Museum of Contemporary Art 227 State Street Madison, WI, 53703 United States (map)

Chilean filmmaker Dominga Sotomayor's latest examines life in an early-'90s commune. Info


Chilean director and writer Dominga Sotomayor's third feature, this year's Too Late To Die Young, explores a rural commune through the eyes of its adolescent residents. In a community formed as Chile transitioned from Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship to democracy, newly free intellectuals and artists debate installing electricity before planning a celebration of the approaching new year. But Sofia (Demian Hernandez) yearns for life outside the commune's porous bounds. Like any interesting young person in the '90s, Sofia smokes cigarettes while taking baths and listening to Sinead O'Connor and Mazzy Star. Asked to teach her friend how to drive, Sofia cooly answers, "I don't know how. I kinda just do it." This aloof philosophy of responsibility permeates the film. While Sofia exudes detachment from her immediate surroundings, she also misses her mom, who hovers seemingly just outside her life. The thin plot and attention to messy details highlight the uniquely wandering patterns of life in alternative communities, which necessarily lurch from crisis to crisis as members experiment with new solutions to everyday frustrations. Too Late To Die Young is further bolstered by its music, as community members are each expected to perform, all balancing off-the-cuff charm with steady practice of craft, much like the film itself. —Reid Kurkerewicz

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