Pedal Pubs: The Rant: The Magnet

Pedal Pubs: The Rant: The Magnet


Today: Ruining State Street. Tomorrow: Ruining your refrigerator. 

This 2" x 3" magnet, featuring art by Rachal Duggan and manufactured in Chicago by Busy Beaver Button Co., keeps the idiocy of pedal pubs going year-round on the metallic surface of your choice. Look at those ding-dongs, hooting and hollering and having the most lame kind of fun possible and obstructing buses and blasting shitty music and oh god they're dismounting to come into this bar right now. LOOK AT THEM! GOD! JESUS!

This magnet commemorates one of Tone Madison's most popular pieces ever, Chris Lay's "My hatred of the pedal pub is deep and true." Your purchase helps to support Tone Madison's journalism and Rachal Duggan's kick-ass artwork.

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