In the works: A new series with illustrator Rachal Duggan

A preview of a new gif and video project we're working on.

Rachal Duggan's illustrations will be a familiar site to anyone who's visited Tone Madison recently. Rachal got in touch with me before she moved from Chicago to Madison last fall. When I saw the humor and unpretentious texture of her illustrations, I knew I wanted her to work with us. So I constantly look for excuses to ask her to draw stuff, whether I need a serious portrait of Madison's police chief or a bunch of yahoos on a pedal pub.

Rachal recently had the new-ish-Madisonian experience of seeing a whole family riding toward her on unicycles and put up a drawing of them on Facebook. I asked her if we could turn it into some kind of animation series, drawing on her own and others' experiences of the strange/charming/disturbing sights that make Madison what it is. We've been fleshing out this idea and are hoping to have the first video in an occasional series sometime this summer. For now, enjoy this delightful gif.